A combined silk-screen studio/school/showroom and international residency project based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania has been carefully created from a sustained vision had by multi-media sculptor and progressive educator Candy Coated, formerly known as Candy Depew. Born out of an almost obsessive love of and for all that is decorative in the worlds of art, design, fashion, and color this long term project combines and compresses those loves together- hard. What started out as her PhD thesis/on-line magazine has evolved into a living, breathing, ever-changing, multi-faceted, sparkling sculpture.


This sweet spot of a studio affectionately named the CandyCoated Center houses the “Studio School of decorative and design”, an educational initiative that spreads the love of silk-screen printing to all that desire to embrace it. 
Fun, productive classes are exclusively taught by Candy, trained Master Printer that learned her mad skills at the truly inspiring Fabric Workshop and Museum. CandyCoated is a hybrid of sorts existing as a devout promoter of decorative culture and its continued daily practice.


In addition to hosting classes on silk-screen printing, the CandyCoated Center has presented special salon exhibitions and film screenings featuring impressive works by internationally based artists & designers invited specifically to share their work with the city of brotherly love and you. 
An unique project that imports Dutch talent to the US and exports American CandyCoated artists, Pass the Dutchie, builds a bridge from Philadelphia to the Netherlands, enabling cross cultural collaborations that include Su Tomesen's "40,000 feet” at the Crane Arts Building and "EROTOMANIA" featuring 38 artists/designers from 17 countries in conjunction with The Clay Studio’s hosting feat of NECEA ceramic conference. For totally up-to-date information on classes and happenings, visit the CandyCoated blog here!


For totally up to date information on classes and happenings, visit the candycoated blog here!